Looking for guide interpreters?

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Guide interpreter services GICSS members can provide:

  • Language:
    English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Russian
  • Guide interpreter members are graded by proficiency and experience by GICSS style training and certificate exam systems.


The price varies depending on the season, number of guests, time, guide's experience, and other conditions.
  *Reference: (tax to be added)
        Half-day guide fee: 15,000 yen - 30,000 yen
        Full-day guide fee: 25,000 yen - 50,000 yen

  • In addition to the guide fee, transportation fees, meals during the tour, communication fees, admission fees, etc., are required.
  • Overtime charges will be applied for early morning, late night, and overnight stay before and after the tour when necessary.
  • Additional fees are required when interpretation, translation, supervision, etc., are involved in addition to the tour guiding job.
  • A cancellation fee will be charged when canceled after 7 business days before the reserved date (after 17:00 of 8 business days before).

Guide request/inquiry

For guide interpreter requests, please contact Randell’s Corporation for details

Randell’s Corporation is an affiliated Guide-Interpreter servicing company of GICSS. Their friendly coordinators have full knowledge of the tour guide business and can offer the best matching of quality guides for the customer's needs.

Randell’s Corporation
■office hours:9:30-18:00
・・・・・・・・・・Sat. Sun. and national holidays closed.
■e-mail address: a-team@randells.jp
■phone: 081-03-3706-1551